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Price, convenience, and trust. We partnered with your local funeral homes, secured their best prices, and got real reviews. Once you are done comparison shopping, it’s easy to finish arranging the funeral right here on this website. Plus, our Memorial Pages keeps friends and family involved and informed- even letting them help with the funeral cost....

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Would just like to thank you all for the beautiful service u gave my dad yesterday thank you again from the isaacs family and friends xxx

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How it works?

Our curated list of quality funeral homes puts you in control. You make all the choices without any pressure, and change your choices at any time- as many times as you want.
We guide you through various funeral options
Easy-to-use filters and reviews help you decide what funeral home is best for you.
You can complete the funeral arrangement right here on our website; you do not need to visit a funeral home.
Our safe and secure payment system means you always stay in control of the service and merchandise you select.
Keep friends and family updated and involved with our Memorial Pages.

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Once you’ve made an Inquiry, create a celebration page for your loved one and easily share it with friends and family to keep them updated about the funeral