About FuneralCompare

Death is hard. We at FuneralCompare.com hope to make it a little easier for you. FuneralCompare.com is a collaboration between funeral industry veterans, visionaries, investors, and everyday people who have experienced a death. Our mission is to make the funeral industry more accessible and convenient for a bereaving family. It was created for consumers, by funeral directors.

Comparing funeral home offerings and prices is a difficult process, even if you are not the one going through grief. FuneralCompare.com offers a complete set of tools for you, when you need to find answers regarding a funeral.

We hope that you find our website useful and welcome any feedback.

We are the first online business to give you complete control of the whole process: making comparisons, choosing the type of funeral, finalizing your decision, and buying it online. We’re proud to give you a place where you can learn, compare, decide, and buy the funeral you want, not what a funeral director wants you to have- and all from the comfort of your own home.