In memory of Lærke Michelle Kristensen We have lost our little princess Lærke in just 4 years. Teach you were so happy a girl who was always smiling on your lips and your good mood infected at all ....... Those memories we will never forget, neither you my beautiful princess. It makes such an indescribable pain that you are not here anymore .... but you will always be missed, loved and always in our hearts. Lærke was born with a chromosomal defect, but we first learned that the day before Lærke's little brother Lukas is born on 19/12 2003. Unfortunately, too, we were born with the same chromosomal failure as Lærke turned out to be. Lukas has the same behavioral problems as well as eating problems like Lærke. We are now very worried about losing Lukas for the same reason as learned because he is available for stomach ulcers because we now know that Lærke's cause of death was a stomach ulcer that caused the stomach to break and gave blood poisoning to Lærke and destroy her internal organs and intestinal system. The reason that Lærke got stress was that due to her chromosomal failure, she was unable to filter out external influences and daily experiences like normal children, even though Lærke's daily life was highly structured. Lærke was a very pretty girl and for others it was hard to see what chaos she had in her mind. She had no age-appropriate language, had a stomach ache due to lack of feeling of hunger, used signs of speech and her pain threshold was not normal, so her stomach ulcer was not discovered in time despite numerous inquiries to the doctor and hospital admissions! Learn race and played Saturday afternoon. Was sad in the evening where I (mother) found that there was blood in Lærke's stomach ulcer and she was immediately hospitalized at the Vejle hospital overnight, was here acutely operated 2 times in the stomach afterwards with police cards transferred to Odense in the afternoon and sleeping quietly Monday morning at. 05.48 at Brita Odense University Hospital. It all went so much! Lærke and Lukas also has a quick brother Daniel in 10 years. Hug and many thoughts from your mother mail:
  • 08/08/2000 - 04/23/2018
10 years ago is incomprehensible! Our most beautiful son Hans, Dorit and Svend Erik's most beautiful son, Jonathan and Emilie's most beautiful father, my lovely man. We love you so much and miss you so much in our lives. Christmas, Easter, Pentecost, Summer, Autumn, Winter, Holidays, Weekdays, Birthdays. At events etc. You are always missing. Only you could come back to us. Not to say that it's 10 years ago, we got the dreadful and worst possible message we could possibly get. Take good care of Jan, who is now also with you.
  • 07/26/2012 - 04/11/2018
Nilus is not here anymore, but he will always be with us.
  • 06/11/1991 - 01/30/2018
You only became 50 years ..... You've only lived half a life. What about the rest? A sudden death does not make sense but reminds us of survivors of living and loving in the present and that life is a gift that can suddenly be changed.
  • 08/09/2012 - 04/23/2018