More cases, less effort

Get free exposure to thousands. Your free listing is available to anyone searching for a funeral home online in your area. Thousands of potential customers look everyday for the services you offer.

Ultimate price-shopper solution

Every funeral home gets their fair share of price callers. We know the consumer asks about price, partly because they do not know what else to ask about. A proper comparison is done across a number of factors that include price, chapel capacity, community reputation to name a few.

We know what you need

We are built by Funeral Directors – we have walked in your shoes, and know the challenges you face on a daily basis. We understand better that anyone what a funeral director needs from an online partner.

Save money

When we send you a case, it is a completed case - the arrangement is done. You have saved several hours of staff time. Your staff can dedicate the saved time to families who want to come to your facility and go through the traditional arrangement process.